Sunday, April 14, 2013

Paranoia Strikes Deep

I am getting really sick of hearing from the gun nuts about how background checks are some kind of new government list to come and get their guns. Do they live under a fucking rock? The goddamn government has a fucking file on everyone, even your elderly aunt Millie. If they want to figure out who has guns it would not be hard for them to do. This paranoid bullshit is pissing me off because I think it should be at least as hard to buy a Bushmaster as it is to buy a fucking used Chevy.

End of rant.

Full disclosure: I own two rifles and a shotgun and eat plenty of wild game. These people who claim to speak for gun owners do not speak for me.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The thing that really gets me is that this sort of paranoia is what lead Nancy Lanza, the mother of the Newton, CT shooter, and the other crazed villain of the day, to hoard the guns that were used to kill her and the schoolkids, teachers, and administrators.

I fear that another OKC type terrorist attack is going to be what it takes to get a sane gun policy in this country.

S. cerevisiae said...

Terrorists are always THOSE people.I really don't know why these people feel the need to pack heat all the time. Do they really think they can outdraw a criminal who has the element of surprise? Delusional.

paleotectonics said...

B4, I don't think another OKC will be enough, and that is a damn terrifying thought.

S. cerevisiae, see this

OBS said...

In today's gun irony news, a man committed suicide by gun at the NRA 500 NASCAR "race" this weekend.

S. cerevisiae said...

Hey paleo, I tried three different ways to comment on your travel blog post - you were just down the shore from me. Don't know why it don't like me.