Monday, June 24, 2013

Congrats To The Hawks

Well that was a classic Stanley Cup finals and a well-deserved win for the Blackhawks. Boston played hard and matched up well but the Hawks just had more and got some luck in the last two minutes.

Hope to see my Wild hoisting The Cup soon.

Now there's just the Twins until Viking training camp starts.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hello NSA!

Greetings to my readers at the NSA! I've always assumed you were reading all this stuff anyway so this weeks news is no surprise to me. I remember being called an anti-American dirty hippie for speaking out against the so-called Patriot Act a decade ago, now the same ones who passed it are crying foul? The fourth amendment has been gutted over the last thirty years, mostly because of the war on (some) drugs, I don't remember a huge right-wing outcry over that.

Privacy is so twentieth century.

But the collapse will render it all moot.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wild win in OT!

A nice win on an overtime winner by the rookie Zucker - GO WILD!

Makes the homemade carnitas taste even better.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Because It's The Cup

What a game last night! Unfortunately the Wild came up short in overtime but they hit a couple of posts and could have won with a little luck. That is how you play for the Stanley Cup, all effort, all the time. Great job by Harding in goal and the whole team.

Go get 'em Friday.


ETA: I shaved yesterday morning so I think I'll grow a playoff beard, Hope to look like these guys when the Wild drink from the Cup.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Blowing Past Four Hundred

Look at the little widget on the right side of the page, it measures atmospheric carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa in Hawaii where they have been monitoring the level continuously since the 1950's. It is now poised to go over 400 parts per million(ppm), a level not seen on earth in three million years. This should be front page news but because of the well funded merchants of doubt the general public still think there is a debate among scientists about what is the major forcing that is driving climate change.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas. That is simple physics and can be demonstrated by a smart sixth-grader. We have now gone from about 250ppm to 400 in only a hundred and fifty years, but some still think this has no affect on global temperatures. I've got some news for you deniers - nothing else fits the already observed warming EXCEPT forcing by carbon dioxide. If you can prove otherwise I'd love to see it because believe it or not - I WANT TO BE WRONG! I would love nothing better than to see some peer-reviewed science showing that we are not totally screwed as a civilization but right now the vast majority of papers I see point to ecological disaster right around the corner.

Shit, might as well drink a toast. To humanity! We had a good run but we are still just apes with guns.

Friday, April 26, 2013

There's A New Sharrif In Town

The Vikings really scored on the first round of the NFL draft Thursday night. Because of the run on offensive linemen there were some quality players available when the Vikings picked at 23 and 25. The biggest (literally) surprise was that Sharrif Floyd, the big defensive tackle from Florida was sitting there at 23 when he was predicted to go in the top 5 so the Vikings practically sprinted up to the podium to get him. At 25 they got Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes, one of the best cornerbacks in the draft.

They weren't done yet, though. They traded three draft picks with the Patriots to move back up to 29 and get Tennessee wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson, a raw but extremely talented receiver who can return kicks and stretch the field. The price was steep but this kid has amazing open field skills.

All in all I think they got three immediate starters and had the best first round of any NFL team. Now they can get a linebacker in the fourth round and add some depth later.

SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Humanity Just Sucks

Fuck. The worthless fucking congress can't even pass a toothless fucking background check bill with more holes than Swiss cheese.

Nothing is ever going to get done on climate change.

Fuck I hate my species.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Paranoia Strikes Deep

I am getting really sick of hearing from the gun nuts about how background checks are some kind of new government list to come and get their guns. Do they live under a fucking rock? The goddamn government has a fucking file on everyone, even your elderly aunt Millie. If they want to figure out who has guns it would not be hard for them to do. This paranoid bullshit is pissing me off because I think it should be at least as hard to buy a Bushmaster as it is to buy a fucking used Chevy.

End of rant.

Full disclosure: I own two rifles and a shotgun and eat plenty of wild game. These people who claim to speak for gun owners do not speak for me.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Test Of Poe's Law

OK, which one is real?

First this:

Now the state’s “Committee on Energy and Environment” is proposing a law that would prohibit spending on anything that won’t set Kansas on a course to self-destruction. House Bill No. 2366 would ban all state and municipal funds for anything related to “sustainable development,” which it defines as: “development in which resource use aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come."

Now this:

"f Earth's species were meant to change over successive generations through physical modifications resulting from the adaptation to environmental challenges, then God would have given them the genetic predisposition to select mates and reproduce based on their favorable heritable traits and their ability to thrive under changing conditions so that these advantageous qualities would be passed down and eventually encoded into the DNA of each generation of offspring," Olathe public school teacher and creationist Joyce Eckhardt said. "It's just not natural."

Some warn that the strict wording of the law could have a deleterious effect on Kansas' mostly agricultural economy, since it also prohibits all forms of man-made artificial selection, such as plant hybridization, genetic engineering, and animal husbandry. A police raid on an alleged artificial-insemination facility outside McPherson, KS on Friday resulted in the arrest of a farmer, a veterinarian, four assistants, one bull, and several dozen cows.

If this isn't textbook Poe's Law I don't know what could be.

God humans suck.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thanks Oregon, I Feel So Honored

The state of Oregon has decided to name S. cerevisiae as the official state microbe. I hope to make everyone very happy and to work especially hard making those fine Oregon beers. Being able to eat sugar and piss ethanol makes one very popular.

I should be back to more frequent posts soon - damn real life.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

...On The Other Hand..

We have just great news like this:
 and this:

I'll write more soon but things have been hectic lately.

Nature bats last.

Happy And Gay

Here's to hoping the Supreme Court decides to not stand astride history hollering "STOP!"

So far it sounds like there may be a little room for optimism.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Geeks Don't Want No Freaks.

I had this issue back when I was a kid, How come I can still remember these lyrics and somehow still forget why I went to the basement? This could be a Masters thesis.

Crap, wont let me paste. Then I just have to tell you that the link goes to a blog with the 1976 classic "Keep On Trekkin" which is the Mad Magazine Star Trek musical. Far funnier and better for your sanity than this:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What A Show!

That was a hellava show last night, and even if Kid Rock is not your cup of tea he puts on a great show. Seger was awesome, and the Silver Bullet Band was tight. Just a great show in a really nice venue. The critics agree:

If it was a test, the crowd -- not to mention the headliners -- passed with flying colors. Both guys are from suburban Detroit. One grew up creating that old time rock and roll, the other twisted and tweaked it to fit his own vision. Seger may be 67 and Kid Rock is a mere 42, but that 25-year difference barely seemed to faze the sold-out crowd, who cheered lustily throughout the entire evening.

During Seger's encore, he invited Kid Rock onstage and the pair performed several of their hits together, including Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" and Seger's "Rock and Roll Never Forgets." Judging by their obvious chemistry and the crowd's wild response, don't be surprised to see Seger squeeze in a full tour with Kid Rock before he hits that self-imposed retirement deadline. 
Just an amazing night of rock and roll.

ETA: this was my first time at Excel Center, much nicer than Target Center and I REAALLLYY want to see a Wild game there.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rock And Roll Never Forgets

I'm off to St. Paul today for the Bob Seger/Kid Rock concert, should be a blast. I've never seen Seger before and he rarely tours now so I jumped at the chance when tickets were announced. Hope the snow isn't too bad but what the fuck, I'm a Minnesotan - just take some extra time.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Onward Christmas Soldiers

So you thought you were safe and the long nightmare of the War On Christmas was long behind but the great TBogg shows that the war is never over, and Caribou Barbie will lead the charge:

This time to save us from the Godless Heathens and Muslims who profane Our Lord and Savior’s Sacred Birthday with gift-giving that is not limited to giving frankincense, myrrh, and gold (from Kay Jewelers) to the Baby Jesus. And also so she can make a little extra pin money off the rubes because mama needs a new pair of Naughty Monkey fuck-me pumps.

When it comes to slinging snark, TBogg is in a class by himself. I'm sure Super Sarah's book will be piled up in the remainder bins at Sam's Club within a month of publication.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Harvin Trade - Good Deal For Vikes?

Well the Viking boards I frequent are all over the trade they made today, sending malcontent wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks for the Seahawks first round pick (25) this year along with a seventh round pick and a third round pick next year. This is an impressive haul even for a top-tier WR like Percy, who can also return kicks and line up in the backfield. He is a true dynamic playmaker, and he must really have pissed off the team brass for them to give him up - even for a high price. There had to be something besides money involved, and if so Seattle may get more trouble than they bargained for.

I have been a Viking fan since the days of the old Purple People Eaters and they have been giving me indigestion for most of that time. I think the trade was in the team's best interest if Harvin really did not want to play here, might as well get something for him unlike what the Wild did with Gaborik. The rumors are that the Vikes want to use one of their firsts and go after RFA Victor Cruz from the Giants. If that happens The Vikes will be definite winners in the trade.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Idiocracy In Action

This whole sequester mess just makes me sick. I can't believe these GOP goobers still take supply-side economics seriously. I am a Keynesian in economic philosophy, so I stand with Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman against the ignorant austerity policies so enamored by the right. This is exactly the WRONG time to cut government spending because the economy is still far too vulnerable. Spend now while interest rates are ridiculously low then pay it down when the economy picks up - pretty simple actually.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RIP Alvin Lee

Per NPR, Guitarist Alvin Lee from Ten Years After has died. He was one of the great ones and this one was my favorite:

He goes to join that incredible rockin' band in the sky. Rock and roll heaven is the only heaven I want to be in.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not Quite There Yet

Well we found out the answer tonight whether the Wild could beat the Blackhawks and end their unbeaten streak (NO). The Blackhawks are the best team in the league right now and it showed. They capitalized on every Wild mistake and put them in a hole early. On the bright side, Minnesota right now is where Chicago was a few years ago in regard to rebuilding. There is a lot of young talent on the Wild and in the system that need time to develop. The future for the team is bright.

On another subject altogether, if you are in the northern hemisphere be sure to look for comet PANSTARRS next week after sunset in the west. Start looking around the 8th with binoculars, their wide field makes them ideal for spotting the comet against the twilight sky. Try to find a location with a good view of the western horizon away from city lights.

Can The Wild End The Blackhawk's Streak?

My Minnesota Wild are starting to put together some offense with the addition of the young sniper Zucker and better play on all the forward lines. The most impressive rookie right now however is not a forward, it is nineteen year old defenseman Jonas Brodin from Sweden. Brodin has settled in on the number one pairing with star defenseman Ryan Suter going up against the best opposing lines every night and his poise and calm along with speed and deft passing make us Wild fans think we might just have a young Nicklas Lidstrom on our hands. Let's see what they can do against the best in the league tonight.

And his favorite band is Iron Maiden.

Go Brodin! and Go Wild!

Monday, March 4, 2013

David Frum Proved To Be An Idiot

I read this screed on this morning and just shook my head. Frum has the entire peak oil theory wrong - it's not that we are running out of oil, we are running out of CHEAP oil. The key to remember is this equation: EROEI - Energy Returned over Energy Invested. In other words, how much energy does it take to get that barrel of oil out of the ground. The reason oil companies are drilling over a mile underwater and fracking every shale formation in sight is that the easy oil is almost gone. People are foolish to think that something like the Keystone XL pipeline can lower gas prices since oil is priced on a global market, and unless they want to nationalize the oil companies (SOSHULUZM!) oil prices here will reflect the global market. We are on the plateau now, if oil prices were to drop below about $ 70/bbl then the shale oil plays will no longer be profitable. Even if the optimists are right and we can find enough production in this hemisphere to become independent of middle eastern oil it will still not be cheap.

ETA: To read some much smarter people than me on the subject go here:

Friday, March 1, 2013


Welcome to any and all who may read this. I have been a long-time commenter and reader of many political snark blogs, although I lurk more than I comment since so often someone says what I want to better than I could phrase it. I decided to start a blog so I could have a little place to vent about stuff. I really don't care if anyone ever sees it but I welcome comments and debate as long as it's not this:

Now I can't think of to rant about. Well there is the fucking sequester - FUCK YOU TEABAGGERS!

There. Short and sweet.

Talk to you later.

ETA: This blog is a work in progress so the layout may change and I will be adding a lot more links and other goodies.