Saturday, March 16, 2013

What A Show!

That was a hellava show last night, and even if Kid Rock is not your cup of tea he puts on a great show. Seger was awesome, and the Silver Bullet Band was tight. Just a great show in a really nice venue. The critics agree:

If it was a test, the crowd -- not to mention the headliners -- passed with flying colors. Both guys are from suburban Detroit. One grew up creating that old time rock and roll, the other twisted and tweaked it to fit his own vision. Seger may be 67 and Kid Rock is a mere 42, but that 25-year difference barely seemed to faze the sold-out crowd, who cheered lustily throughout the entire evening.

During Seger's encore, he invited Kid Rock onstage and the pair performed several of their hits together, including Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" and Seger's "Rock and Roll Never Forgets." Judging by their obvious chemistry and the crowd's wild response, don't be surprised to see Seger squeeze in a full tour with Kid Rock before he hits that self-imposed retirement deadline. 
Just an amazing night of rock and roll.

ETA: this was my first time at Excel Center, much nicer than Target Center and I REAALLLYY want to see a Wild game there.


paleotectonics said...

Re: Excel/Wild

Spend the money to get the concourse level seats, the bars are on that level, pub tables and chairs, not the general seating, you are much more comfortable. Great way to watch anything...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Sounds like you had a good time, and that's all that counts, eh?

How was the trip?

S. cerevisiae said...

Just enough snow to make you use a gallon of window fluid. My car is white right now.