Monday, March 11, 2013

The Harvin Trade - Good Deal For Vikes?

Well the Viking boards I frequent are all over the trade they made today, sending malcontent wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks for the Seahawks first round pick (25) this year along with a seventh round pick and a third round pick next year. This is an impressive haul even for a top-tier WR like Percy, who can also return kicks and line up in the backfield. He is a true dynamic playmaker, and he must really have pissed off the team brass for them to give him up - even for a high price. There had to be something besides money involved, and if so Seattle may get more trouble than they bargained for.

I have been a Viking fan since the days of the old Purple People Eaters and they have been giving me indigestion for most of that time. I think the trade was in the team's best interest if Harvin really did not want to play here, might as well get something for him unlike what the Wild did with Gaborik. The rumors are that the Vikes want to use one of their firsts and go after RFA Victor Cruz from the Giants. If that happens The Vikes will be definite winners in the trade.


paleotectonics said...

Actually, listening to the Common Man, he was healthy for most of the last weeks of the season and didn't play. Caught with the coach's daughter, p'raps?

(Not necessarily a joke, if you remember a Packers K named Chris Jacke, he was not re-signed with the Pack for no really known reason - rumor had it he was 'dating' either Holmgren's or Nolan Cromwell's (WR coach) daughter.)

Sirius Lunacy said...

As a Viking fan who lives in Gator country, I am a bit disappointed to see Harvin go. After following his college career it is a bit of a surprise that there may be an attitude problem. Here's hoping the trade works out for the best for all parties concerned.

S. cerevisiae said...

Yeah, hate to see him go because he really is a great and versatile player but if he was going to hold out and be a problem at least get something for him. A one and seven this year and a third next is a high price so I think Spielman must have had a bidding war for him.